Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glitters & Bows

nnstrikjesjas 225
nnstrikjesjas 166
nnstrikjesjas 162
nstrikjesjas 212
nstrikjesjas 111
nnstrikjesjas 158
nnstrikjesjas 177
These pictures were taken last weekend when it was very hard to take some good outfit pictures as it was quite a stormy day and my dress and properly styled hair were flying everywhere! So you can say it was a bit of a challenge..
Right now, I am still not feeling like my old self again, stupid flu! I am really tired of feeling sick and sitting at home all day.. But I am feeling a little bit better, so at least that's something :)

About the outfit I am wearing; I love these glitter booties from ASOS! I am wearing them with a cute bow dress from Chicwish and a bag from Dressrepublic.

I can't believe it is December already, time to start thinking about some cool christmas decor ideas..

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