Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashionsalade shoot in Madrid





At the moment, I am in (sad enough very rainy) Madrid at the moment to shoot for Fashionsalade. And in the hotel I am staying I have a computer with internet in my room, yeah! So I thought, let's keep you updated from what I have been doing today.. Well, I did like 28 shoots with lots of very nice clothes from different brands that I actually all wanted to bring home with me, especially a lovely green Longchamp dress. And I got the chance to meet some great people! It was so nice to meet you all from the fashionsalade team! And I also met the 2 lovely Spanish bloggers Paula and Rebecca (photo 2).
But I am so tired right now, but it was definitely worth it because I love the results! You can see the results of the shoot on the website from Fashionsalade later on.

Well, I am going to sleep right now, I really need it!
Have a nice weekend you guys!

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